CIO’s are typically entrenched in leading enterprise transformation efforts within their organization. As reliance on digital interaction with consumers become more prevalent, the CIOs role in ensuring the company is positioned to engage with customers via digital platforms is exceptionally vital. Fueled by the abundance of data and the desire to leverage data for a competitive edge, digital transformation efforts are increasingly finding their way onto the CIO’s agenda.

While digital transformation is key to an organization’s future success, enabling digital transformation is no small feat as CIO’s are faced with a myriad of challenges. Nevertheless, according to an article published in, the following four strategies can help a CIO accelerate an organization’s digital transformation efforts: increase operational intelligence using real-time analytics dashboards; embrace the expanded role and help find new solutions for growth; uncover emerging trends using data for insights; and embrace the role of chief enabler.

These strategies will enable the CIO to more effectively serve in the role of chief innovator, enabler, and transformational agent of the organization in today’s competitive business environment.