The analytics support, services, and outsourcing market is now expected to reach an absolutely staggering US$20.68 BILLION dollars by the end of 2026 (according to according to Transparency Market Research.) To grow to this figure, the market is now projected to grow at staggering Compound-Annual-Growth-Rate of +29.4% EACH YEAR, EVERY YEAR between 2018 and 2026. These are exponential growth figures for a market already in such high demand.

The leverage and usage of data analytics outsourcing is already highly visible in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance -industries that typically lead outsourcing trends. These segments dominated the market in 2016, as they primarily adopted data analytics services while the demand for analytics grew rapidly across the world. Based on geography alone, The United States a significant portion of the market in 2016.

Rapid growth in data generation from various industries including B-F-S-I (as noted above), healthcare, and manufacturing are the major driving factors currently. Moreover, the increasing movement to data analytics outsourcing by companies in North America has fueled demand in this market to leverage economies of scale.