ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., February 26, 2019/PR-Gateway/ — Insights Analytics, the leader in Analytics, Insights, Testing, Data Science, Reporting, Business Intelligence, and Market Research; today announced the appointment of Randy Malluk as interim CEO, Senior Managing Partner, and Chief Analytics Officer. Malluk brings an extensive track record of experience and innovation in data science, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to Insights Analytics. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Analytics at Triad Retail Media in Saint Petersburg.

In his new role, Malluk oversees Insights Analytics’ efforts to extend the power of data and insights to deliver greater value to clients globally, while increasing the efficiency, predictability, and responsiveness of their many unique initiatives. Insights Analytics is investing significantly in new data-related initiatives that augment the value of its practice’s performance for its portfolio of clients. “We are building on our leadership with extensive investments and innovation in our team, our capabilities, our tools, and our solutions. We are confident that Randy Malluk is the right leader to help us and our clients reach new heights and achieve more through analytics,” said Harold Bradshaw, CFO of Insights Analytics.

“Insights Analytics is the industry pioneer and leader in data-driven insights for all forward-thinking companies who know that they need to leverage analytics to reach increasing levels of performance – which is mission-critical for them… …At Insights Analytics, our mission, is to empower every client to achieve more through the power of analytics.” said Insights’ new CEO, Randy Malluk.

Over his career, Malluk has led numerous game-changing innovation initiatives in the areas of data analytics, technology, consumer and business intelligence platforms, advertising, pricing & promotional intelligence, behavioral economics, omnichannel, consumer choice modeling, audience targeting, and retail decision support systems. While at Triad, he led major initiatives in audience targeting, demand modeling, online to offline measurement, and major reporting platform implementations. Prior to Triad, Malluk held senior data analytics leadership roles in the ad-tech, retail, healthcare, and banking industries, spearheading the development of analytics and reporting for next-generation decision support systems for e-commerce, digital marketing, and finance.

Malluk’s groundbreaking work has been widely recognized in the Analytics Industry and has included innovations behind several patents, including anti-fraud, incremental measurement, and new forms of advertising targeting and analytics advancements. Additionally, Malluk also currently serves as an advisor and member among several boards including the Consumer Brand Advisory Board for Jaguar Land Rover North America and the Advisory Board for Digital Marketing at the University of South Florida, Muma College of Business.

About Insights Analytics: Insights is a privately held data science and analytics practice whose breakthrough approach to data analytics helps clients drive massive performance improvement in every part of their business. Insights Analytics is based in St. Petersburg, FL. To learn more, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.