Accurate Reporting & Meaningful Insights

Does your company’s inability to provide data driven accurate reporting or meaningful insights frustrate you? -OR- Do you have the opposite problem? You have more than enough reporting, but struggle to find a single version of the truth? Then there’s the 3rd problem many fear but don’t even know how to address… that your metrics and KPI’s have become skewed by years of internal bias and everybody’s breathing their own exhaust.

The bad news is that these problems are real and cause serious issues. It’s the corporate equivalent of allowing employees to ‘drive the company drunk.’ So why do so many companies still fail to realize when it’s time to hand over the keys? “No thanks, we’re good, we got it -really we’re fine.” Are you? Or will you wait until it’s too late? Yet many companies still make the same overconfident mistakes, drunk on their own bad metrics or high on a lack thereof. That’s foolish acceptance of the status quo.

Data Driven: Objective 3rd Party and Leveraging Technology

Thankfully, we now live in a world where it’s now increasingly acceptable and downright responsible to call an Uber. It’s even considered dangerous not to call in an objective 3rd party for a sober path forward with technology to get us to where we need to go. Having that option is incredibly powerful and valuable. The adoption of these technologies is highly data driven.

Accurate reporting, analytics, & business intelligence are competencies that are significantly harder than driving a car. Yet, when it comes to something as complex and intricate as knowing where we’re driving our organizations, the drunken bravado is often much worse.

Insights, Analytics, and Reporting

If your company has a perfectly sober view of performance, congratulations. You’re one of the very proud few while reading this article knows on-track as of this morning’s report to hit your full-year goal within two-standard deviations. Whether you’re in the first group in need of accurate reporting, the second group needing simplification , or the third group needing validation of existing metrics -consider a 3rd party.

Insights Analytics is data driven for confidence in every decision. We provide the tools and experts to be your stand-alone analytics team, or augment your existing one. Let us analyze your data, with insights to show you what’s working, and solutions to fix what’s not. We believe in letting the data speak for itself and measuring the metrics and KPIs that matter.

We seek Actionable Insights, for recommendations that deliver performance. From ad-hoc engagements to analytics packages, we have the resources you need. Check out our packages for more info -and have a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!