Predictive Analytics For Dummies – A Review

Part One - Will Predictive Analytics for Dummies Work for you? What if you could predict the future as a business owner? And perhaps know how the next 3 years would really be like for you? Sounds like a fantasy, right? Not quite. Some really smart statistical minds came up with quite a few concepts over the past few [...]

The Best Darn Case for a Big Data Consultant

An Experienced Big Data Consultant Provides High-quality Services When used correctly, high-speed, high volume data analytics is a game changer for most businesses. If you want to take your analytics practice to the next level however, assistance from a team of experienced data practitioners, engineers and developers or more specifically a Big Data Consultant, can be a tremendous advantage. [...]

Prescriptive Analytics: Modeling Services for Healthcare

Prescriptive analytics doesn't just show us what can happen, and the likelihoods of such scenarios. It takes it a massive leap further, beyond knowing all of the factors involved. It knows the factors and the coefficient weightings of those factors. Much like the "solver function" in excel, it allows us to specify which outcomes we desire and then goes [...]

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