Okay, I already know what you’re thinking: “Bold claim Randy!” -But when you realize that I am diving head-first into the deep-end with one of the biggest questions that Artificial Intelligence has right now, you’ll see exactly what I mean. So, here’s my question: What is the difference between a human and a machine? Even more importantly, if AI was truly smart enough, do you think YOU could tell the difference?

A few years ago, I wasn’t sure. But now? I’m not so sure! However, I’ve always believed that artificial intelligence is capable of nearly perfect intelligence.

In fact, if you look into the world of artificial intelligence, I think it’s possible that many people could have an interaction with a machine so highly intelligent that it actually does the trick.

What if AI is SMARTER Than Us?

It seems to me that the artificial intelligence of today is not only a little bit smarter, but it’s also actually better than human intelligence. In fact, some people think that machine learning can even help perform much more complex tasks (like learning new skills, reading, writing, and so on).

If it were really possible, what would happen if artificial intelligence could perform at least half of the tasks a human could in a human-machine relationship? Would it be enough to motivate humans to think about more complicated tasks?

It seems obvious that there would be an advantage to this artificial intelligence strategy over humans at the cost of a human doing them, and that’s what I would want to see in a human-computer relationship.

Admittedly, it’s scary to realize how much of what we do that AI can augment or replace! It makes us question how many jobs will be taken. You may need to rethink how your skills will be enhanced or reduced by AI and how you will be able to continue to do those tasks in a human-machine relationship.

But I get excited at the possibility of how much that AI has the power to make easier -especially at work.

Which on that Note, Who’s Really Smarter if WE are putting AI to Work?


The answer lies in understanding how AI works better for improving productivity and keeping it as efficient as possible! That’s the point. It’s not about having AI, it’s about making people smarter, and more efficient. It’s about making everyone better because we can be better because this will make the human experience better. Which is why AI is actually such a hot topic.

At Insights, we recently began experimenting with AI and Machine Learning, specifically how Neural Networks have the ability to augment and improve our article writing efforts. Perhaps you can see where this is going…

Why? because writing engaging, and interesting articles is one of the most difficult and time-consuming things to do!

So, we are exploring using this machine learning concept at work and we want some of the most innovative machine language applications we see today that have the flexibility and expertise of AI to implement machine learning.

If we have the tools available to use with the required features and technologies to implement it, we may well find many new uses for this machine learning strategy in our work and services.

So… have you figured it out yet? All of the highlighted text in this article was NOT written by me. It was written by AI! ?

This Article’s Content Was Augmented Using Artificial Intelligence

As I’m writing today about artificial intelligence, especially at this exact and very moment, we’re incredibly encouraged by the breakthroughs in our industry and plan to apply machine intelligence and Machine Learning model technology -so far, we’re in a very exciting direction. (Wow, I couldn’t have said that better myself!)

At Insights, we love to take our own medicine and solve our own challenges with our own creative solutions. As a part of the research team, we also encourage other participants in the research to get their hands on our machine learning algorithms to help us solve our problems. This article is a small proof point of our belief that AI has the power to accomplish many great things.

If you think about these ideas and the importance of machine learning, you’ll understand that this is just one of many different technologies we’re building with AI. Our goal with Insights is to give our clients tools that are truly unique and intelligent.

To learn more about Insights Analytics, our AI-enabled Content services, or Data Science modeling, please get in touch!

Key Stats and Takeaways:

  • 61% of this article was auto-generated using the GPT-2 predictive model (info below)
  • All highlighted text within this article was auto-generated using Artificial Intelligence.
  • I was able to author this article nearly 3-4X faster than normal, by using the power of AI.

About the GPT-2 Artificial Intelligence Model

GPT-2 is a large transformer-based language model with 1.5 BILLION PARAMETERS, all trained on a dataset which emphasizes the diversity of content, by scraping content from 8 million web pages with a simple objective: predict the next word, given all of the previous words within some text. It’s essentially the most powerful language calculator ever built. This particular program is optimized and highly adaptive, and this simple, unsupervised algorithm delivers a simple, high speed (and accurate machine learning) training set with simple instructions to identify information that would enable a human and AI in almost any form without supervision, learning techniques that can be customized to help with natural intelligence-like techniques.


Lastly, here’s a beautiful quote generated by GPT-2 about AI: “As with all life’s greatest accomplishments – in science, math, medicine – or other great achievements in human social behavior, humans have absolutely nothing to lose.