Insights Analytics is thrilled to share that our own executive Randy Malluk was selected as one of the top 40 Under 40 Innovators for 2020 in the Analytics Industry’s May-June 2020 issue of Analytics Insight. is the world’s First Print and Digital Publication focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics.

The annual list includes corporate-executives, professional inventors, entrepreneurs, and pioneers in data analytics and other areas such as Cloud Technology, A.I., data science, machine learning, big data, cybersecurity, IoT, SaaS, computer vision, and natural language processing; and recognizes individuals around the world that are changing the industry with their innovative vision and leadership.

The Magazine’s market focus remains on disruptive technologies and their market analysis of these technologies helps key decision-makers across organizations and enterprises predict emerging trends, build comprehensive strategy, improve existing products and solutions, plan market expansion and reach the right customers.

When asked about the feature, Mr. Malluk was quoted as saying “It’s very nice to be recognized, and it has certainly been the product of much hard work. But I’d really like to take this moment to highlight my amazing team today for what we’ve been able to achieve together.”

Insights Analytics is a St. Petersburg, Florida based analytics company that pioneered a groundbreaking E-commerce Marketplace for data-driven business solutions. Insights originally began by launching a network of data professionals called “Data Pros” that offers analytics services tailored and geared towards a variety of business needs across multiple industry verticals, then expanded on that success by offering “instant digital download” products and solutions via its ProSOLUTIONS store in the form of Financial Templates, Predictive Models, Data Science Tools, and more -all which are also customizable to client needs by its Data Pros as well.

“It’s an honor to be noted as one of 40 Under 40 Innovators,” said Malluk. “We created Insights’ marketplace to make Analytics easy for everyone, no matter what their role is. Along the way, we learned that the best possible way to do that was to offer both Solutions and Services in a simple e-commerce format.”

Learning from his leadership and technology experience across numerous fields and industries, Malluk sought to create a technology platform that could grow and scale without the human-process-heavy burden of his own management team getting in the way, thereby allowing the platform to become exponentially more valuable the more talent, solutions, and services it amassed. The result is universally benefiting; his platform can expand while clients and customers gain increasing access to solutions, services, talent, and insights on how to solve nearly any business problem.

He also shared his excitement about the career and earning potential that the platform’s new marketplace provides for data practitioners and clients stating “It couldn’t be simpler from either side of our industry… …whether you’re a data professional who wants to monetize your great solution like a Financial Template or Predictive Model; or a business leader who needs to purchase one for your organization.” There’s opportunity for everyone to win.

The company’s capabilities have grown extensively since its 2018 inception and were highlighted by Analytics Insight for addressing the demand for ‘innovative insight platforms’ in the 2020 issue. Malluk also discussed his background, his journey with the platform, and its future place in the industry.

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