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About Insights Analytics

Randy is a senior advisor and board chair at Insights Analytics. But most importantly, he's a big data nerd and true data evangelist.

Big Data Business Intelligence: The Keys to Success

The Trends of Big Data Business Intelligence Big data business intelligence is, without a doubt one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the world right now. Organizations are now devoting an immense amount of their resources into further improving their technologies to handle this new shift. As a result, it is more important for the business world to [...]

How to Get Started with CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics Defined Customer Relationship Management Analytics or "CRM Analytics" is all of the activity that falls within the analysis of data for customer marketing. This also includes facilitating and streamlining business decisions. This is a massive spectrum from database management and data mining on one end to highly personalized audience segmentation and omnichannel marketing campaign execution on the [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Operational Analytics

Check out fantastic Operational Analytics Services, Solutions, and Packages here  ---> Operational Analytics Services What is Operational Analytics? Operational Analytics is a specific term within analytics that refers to the category of business analytics that focuses on measuring the existing and real-time operations of business. Through the use of tools designed for data mining and data aggregation, businesses [...]

Predictive Analytics For Dummies – A Review

Part One - Will Predictive Analytics for Dummies Work for you? What if you could predict the future as a business owner? And perhaps know how the next 3 years would really be like for you? Sounds like a fantasy, right? Not quite. Some really smart statistical minds came up with quite a few concepts over the past few [...]

The Best Darn Case for a Big Data Consultant

An Experienced Big Data Consultant Provides High-quality Services When used correctly, high-speed, high volume data analytics is a game changer for most businesses. If you want to take your analytics practice to the next level however, assistance from a team of experienced data practitioners, engineers and developers or more specifically a Big Data Consultant, can be a tremendous advantage. [...]

Prescriptive Analytics: Modeling Services for Healthcare

Prescriptive analytics doesn't just show us what can happen, and the likelihoods of such scenarios. It takes it a massive leap further, beyond knowing all of the factors involved. It knows the factors and the coefficient weightings of those factors. Much like the "solver function" in excel, it allows us to specify which outcomes we desire and then goes [...]

Data Driven? or Drunk on Bad Reporting?

Accurate Reporting & Meaningful Insights Does your company's inability to provide data driven accurate reporting or meaningful insights frustrate you? -OR- Do you have the opposite problem? You have more than enough reporting, but struggle to find a single version of the truth? Then there's the 3rd problem many fear but don't even know how to address... that your [...]

Insights Analytics adds Randy Malluk to Executive Team

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., February 26, 2019/PR-Gateway/ -- Insights Analytics, the leader in Analytics, Insights, Testing, Data Science, Reporting, Business Intelligence, and Market Research; today announced the appointment of Randy Malluk as interim CEO, Senior Managing Partner, and Chief Analytics Officer. Malluk brings an extensive track record of experience and innovation in data science, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to [...]

Big Data & AI Exec Survey Results Are In!

Some of the biggest advances in Big Data and AI are focused on business transformation -- or are they? According to the 2019 edition of NewVantage Partners Big Data and AI Executive Survey of 65 Fortune 1000 leading companies investments are increasing in Big Data and AI to boost business agility. The breakdowns are as follows: Leading companies (91.6%) are [...]

Accelerating Digital Transformation

CIO’s are typically entrenched in leading enterprise transformation efforts within their organization. As reliance on digital interaction with consumers become more prevalent, the CIOs role in ensuring the company is positioned to engage with customers via digital platforms is exceptionally vital. Fueled by the abundance of data and the desire to leverage data for a competitive edge, digital transformation [...]

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