9 Ways to Forecast Outcomes with Predictive Analysis

Do you want to forecast where your business will be in the next one or two years? Well there’s no better way of doing it than by using predictive analysis. Your organization can make use of different patterns contained within your data to provide immediate value in many different ways. From predicting future performance, to quantifying and calculating risk, [...]

Data Mining Tools: The Complete Guide

What is Data Mining and Why Are Data Mining Tools so Important? Data mining tools are some of the most sophisticated programs that analytics practitioners are using today. Data Mining is the process of looking for potentially meaningful patterns and information that would otherwise be hidden, within big data sets. The process usually involves the [...]

Prescriptive Analytics: Modeling Services for Healthcare

Prescriptive analytics doesn't just show us what can happen, and the likelihoods of such scenarios. It takes it a massive leap further, beyond knowing all of the factors involved. It knows the factors and the coefficient weightings of those factors. Much like the "solver function" in excel, it allows us to specify which outcomes we desire and then goes [...]

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