How Does Pricing Work?2020-04-24T10:17:51-04:00

Pricing is simple. You choose what you pay!

It all depends on who you’d like to work on your projects! That’s the beauty of our up-front and transparent pricing. Plus there are never any added professional service fees or set-up costs.

Since we have a large network of talent at all experience levels and rates, you can choose the DataPros that are right for your budget and needs.

Whether you need an entry-level DataPro to do data entry work for $25/hr. OR an expert-level DataPro to do advanced-level decision science data modeling at $250/hr., you can tap our talent network and buy the hours you need from the practitioners you want to work with.

Plus with our DataPros Network, it’s just like shopping in an e-commerce store. Simply add your solutions and service hours to your cart and check-out! It’s that easy. So whether your project needs are Full-service or Self-service the pricing for your project will be simple and straight-forward.

Is This Like a Staffing Agency?2020-06-15T17:37:33-04:00

NO! While we provide you with the talent you need to get your Analytics projects done, we are NOT a Staffing Agency! Why?

Because what we do is SO MUCH BETTER!

  1. Staffing agencies charge you Fee’s Up-Front… And they usually Charge 25% of a Resource’s ANNUAL SALARY!
    • Insights does not charge you anything: Zero. We only make a simple commission from each DataPro’s project or transaction.  
    • Additionally, we pay our Data Professionals the highest rates per project in the industry, ensuring both commitment and quality. 
  2. Staffing agencies are literally just playing the middle man
    They don’t even manage talent, work, or projects. All they do is place the hire, collect their huge fee, and disappear!
    • Insights offers Full-service Project Management as well as a growing talent network with the best Data Professionals in the world.
    • We also offer an incredible suite of solutions that are unmatched in the industry!
  3. Staffing agencies make YOU DO THE STAFF MANAGEMENT
    After the hiring is done… You have to badge them, onboard them, train them, review them, etc. -so you’re doing all the work!
    You will never have to manage your DataPros if you don’t want to. We offer both Full-service and Self-service options.
    • Our DataPros platform is a complete end-to-end Agile project management platform.
    • We have all the tools needed to complete any project you bring to us.
How Does the Process Work? Who Do I Contact?2020-04-24T10:02:49-04:00

The process is simple!

  • SELF-SERVICE Data-Analytics:
    1. Simply head to our ProSOLUTIONS Shop on our DataPros Network. Pick your ProSOLUTIONS and/or DataPros to work on your Analytics Projects…
    2. Shop for solutions in an eCommerce-style fashion, adding products and DataPros support-hours to your cart as needed. Checkout when done!
    3. Products purchased will be available for download immediately after purchase. For support hours, DataPros will contact you post-purchase.
  • FULL-SERVICE Data-Analytics (would you like professional Account Management support?):
    1. Simply reach out via our Contact Page and one of our fantastic Business Development Representatives will be in touch within 24 hours!
    2. This is usually for organizations with bigger projects or requiring on-going analytics support with multiple DataPros.
    3. To see the FULL-SERVICE process, please see our 5 steps to get started

Thank you!

Am I Getting a Human OR a Machine Doing My Projects?2020-04-23T15:05:05-04:00

What a question! (Welcome to the 21st century.) Insights Analytics provides access to a limitless myriad of Data Practitioners and as a result, we get you access to Human Beings (our amazing “DataPros”) who are able to do your projects for you.

However, this is an awesome question because these same DataPros have also created many different products in our ProSOLUTIONS STORE! These ProSOLUTIONS include everything you can imagine from Excel Templates that automate critical business functions to reporting on business performance, to analyzing your data for you!

In many cases, you can purchase these solutions by simply buying the solution and downloading them immediately after purchase. In other cases, (say you want a live dashboard built on your company’s internal platform) you may need to make your purchase and then work with the DataPro afterward to have them complete the project.

So is it a Human doing your project? or a Machine? or both? We’ll let you decide! 🙂

How do I (Sign-up, Buy, Purchase, Obtain…) the Services?2020-04-24T10:18:55-04:00

For SELF-SERVICE, simply head to our ProSOLUTIONS Shop on our DataPros Network. You pick your own ProSOLUTIONS and/or DataPros to work on your Analytics Projects and shop for your digital solutions in an eCommerce-style fashion, adding products and DataPros support-hours to your cart as needed. Checkout when done!

For FULL-SERVICE (with sales & account management support)  simply reach out via our Contact Page and one of our fantastic Business Development Representatives will be in touch within 24 hours!

Thank you!

How Do I Know the Resources on My Project are Qualified and Quality Will Be Consistent?2020-04-23T14:59:56-04:00

At Insights, we recruit only the very best talent and data practitioners into our DataPros Network. However, we completely understand that when working with new resources on your projects, it can be a bit daunting not knowing if they’ll be exactly what you were looking for or not!

That’s why we’ve enabled several key features in the DataPros Network to reduce your risk when choosing the talent you want for your projects.

  1. First, we’ve enabled ZERO purchase minimums on the number of hours to buy. Therefore you’ll never be locked-in to a purchase ever.
  2. Second, we’ve enabled DataPro and ProSOLUTION reviews, so you can see how both practitioners and solutions have been reviewed in the past.
  3. Third, simply start small! See a DataPro you like? Try them out! Buy a small handful of hours with them and try them out on a small project to start!
    (You can always add more hours, and if you’d like to try a different DataPro, or if your needs change mid-project, you’ll have the flexibility.)

Once you’ve gotten then chance to begin working with a few DataPros you really like, you’ll see just how fantastic the DataPros network really is, and why it is so much better than doing projects the OLD way!

Do I have to Manage My Projects Myself?2020-04-23T15:00:14-04:00

No, you certainly do not! One of the amazing features of what we do is that we offer both Full-service and Self-service models for our clients and customers! Depending on the size and scope of your needs, you might determine that your project is small and easy enough to manage yourself and if so that’s great!

On the other hand, if you want the support of industry professionals with decades of experience in the field who have the knowledge to get your project completed perfectly and professionally with an eye towards the future, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Regardless of your needs, we’ve got you covered!

How Do You Protect my data? Do I Have to Give You Possession of My Data?2020-04-23T15:05:43-04:00

Our professional reputation rests, in large part, on our ability to keep your data and results both confidential and secure.  We have our own high standards and practices in place that we consider sufficient. However, if you’d rather use your own protocols or standards when working with our DataPros, we will gladly encourage them to adopt those.

In the meantime, please see our Privacy Policy to understand how we handle all data collected through our websites. Additionally, we will never ever require you to provide us with or give us possession of, your data. We require any data we work with to be non-sensitive and non-PII (non-personally-identifiable-data) and prefer secure and controlled access to your systems as opposed to being provided with your data. We do not take responsibility for the possession, storage/housing, processing, or security of any data (client data or otherwise) of any kind outside of what is outlined in our Privacy Policy.

However, please keep in mind that in the event that we are unable to be provided with sufficient data, this may preclude us from being able to perform certain services or activities (either in part-or in-full) on your data, which is out of our control.

What Steps Do You Take to Ensure Data and Systems Are Secure?2020-06-23T11:11:45-04:00

Our professional reputation rests, in large part, on our ability to keep your data and results both confidential and secure. We have our own standards
and practices in place that we consider sufficient. However, if you’d rather use your own protocols or standards we will gladly adopt those.

Controlled Access
Data access and Project Access is restricted to only users and DataPros that need to know. Access is strictly controlled by an IT-Administrator process.

Computers that consume Client data have operating systems that are current in release, with unneeded services disabled, with default administrator access shut off.

Disaster Recovery
Insights and DataPros has a documented disaster recovery plan, including regular duplicative site back-up schedules and back-up off-site storage of data in a secure location.

Insights systems that maintain Client data are protected by industry best practices for antivirus, firewalls, and network intrusion detection systems.

Adequate backups of systems, files, and data are performed so that any restoration of the systems occurs in a timely and immediate fashion.

Transfer file transmissions must use Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) or another Client approved method.

How Does Insights Analytics Use Client Data?2020-04-23T15:02:20-04:00

We use it to create and provide value for our clients! We do this in a variety of amazing ways but primarily through offering both Solutions and Services around: Data Analysis, Optimization, Reporting, Insights, Dashboards, and Marketing & Research.

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