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Who We Are

INSIGHTS Analytics one of the most advanced data and decision science practices in the country. Our team includes some of the brightest minds in the world. Our breakthrough approach to data analytics helps clients drive massive improvements in every part of their business.

Our experts’ experience coupled with the methods and models of our analysts, strategists, specialists, researchers, scientists, engineers, and statisticians has given our diverse team the invaluable techniques and cutting-edge insights that enable our clients to drastically enhance and improve their business performance in ways they never thought was possible. This is what has led to the success we have today.

We are skilled at leveraging new and emerging technology to enable rapid growth in highly competitive markets across many industry verticals. Ultimately, we empower every client to achieve more through analytics.

Our clients get a world-class analytics team without having to hire, train, manage, develop, mentor, and oversee complex and onerous resource requirements.

  • We are creative, dynamic, entrepreneurial; yet efficient, stable, and effective
  • We care about personal growth, teaching, sharing, and rewarding talent
  • We are results-oriented, value achievement, and getting the job done

Our culture is creative, fun, hard-working, sincere, and radically data-driven! Everyone has a voice, especially the data. We’re perpetual learners always pushing the bar of what’s possible. Our appetite for helping our clients is insatiable! We test, optimize, innovate, and scale their growth far beyond what they ever thought was possible!


Make an Impact. Grow your career. Enjoy the ride.

Insights prides itself as being a meaningful and enjoyable place to work. Our employees exhibit our core values below and we have a blast while doing it. Unlike other companies, we’re a growing workforce where everyone is fully empowered to own their decisions and make a real I.M.P.A.C.T.
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Happy People Work Harder.

One study found that happy employees are up to +20% more productive than unhappy employees. We feel that a workplace centered around wellness, community, sustainability and the arts fosters true happiness that keeps employees engaged.

That’s ALSO why we located our company in the HEART of the BEST city in the country to live and work! When it comes to the quality of living, St. Pete Florida is as good as it gets! Its the Sunshine City in the Sunshine State!

We Work Hard:

We Play Harder:

St. Pete is the place to be for Data Analytics.

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Local Charities We Support

Our mission is to do GREAT ANALYTICS, and make the world a better place!
We PROUDLY donate both our time and proceeds to the following charities.

habitat for humanity
all childrens
wounded warrior
humane society

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