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We examine what works, what doesn’t, by how much, and why; with the highest measurement standards to make the best possible decisions.

  • Complete end-to-end business operations analysis

  • Product, pricing, promotion, placement, sales and profit analysis

  • Planning, allocation, inventory, and merchandising analysis

  • Marketing campaign, CRM performance, optimization, attribution

  • Financial planning & analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and targeting

  • Web-analytics, digital shopper insights, and basket analysis

  • Customer audience segmentation, targeting and automation

  • Online digital conversion, and customer experience analysis

  • Predictive/prescriptive analytics, regression modeling, forecasting

  • Optimization strategy, portfolio strategy, and optimal mix

We conduct detailed and comprehensive analysis with insights and recommendations by our team of analytics and insights professionals. Our professionals are extremely passionate about producing high-quality analyses – it’s in our DNA.

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We offer a wide variety of options for in-depth A/B and Multi-variate testing that drive new business knowledge, opportunity, and insights.

  • Dynamic real-time A/B and multi-variate testing

  • Consumer propensity scoring and re-targeting strategy

  • Omni-channel integration and marketing mix modelling

  • Acquisition and engagement strategy and testing

  • Incremental sales lift testing for advertising/marketing/promotion

  • Customer relationship marketing (CRM) segment testing

  • Benchmarking and champion / challenger testing

  • Creative, content, and engagement performance testing

  • Controlled experimentation and decision sciences

  • Pricing and promotion elasticity; and behavioral economics

Our Testing service can help you identify inefficiencies in a digital experience so that you can remediate as needed for an enhanced user experience and improved ROI.

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Data Science

Let us connect the data in your enterprise for efficient storage, access, analysis, modeling, and prediction. From data exploration to integration, preparation and management and high-confidence decision-making.

  • Big Data exploration, mining, hygiene, and audits

  • Defining Big Data and building data dictionaries

  • Planning, collecting and governing digital data

  • Forecasting and regression modeling and analysis

  • Data science model building, fitting, and maintenance

  • Monte Carlo simulation and risk management modeling

  • Machine learning and automation of analytical model tuning

  • Anomaly and outlier detection of rare items, events, observations

  • Reinforcement learning, statistics, and probability algorithms

  • Natural language processing and text-based insights

Our data science services transform information from big data into highly valuable predictive and prescriptive analytics models and decision-making engines.

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Reporting & BI

Objective performance reporting that is accurate, timely, and high-quality. We build customized reporting solutions to fit your needs.

  • Real-time reporting, alerting, forecasting, and prediction

  • Data visualization, illustration and dashboard production

  • Analytics and business intelligence platform implementations

  • Creation of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • KPI’s on company TV’s, mobile phones, and smart-watches

  • Configuring web-analytics platforms: Google, Adobe, etc.

  • Business Intelligence EDW, architecture and schema modeling

  • Tag management, implementation, standardization, and QA

  • White-labelled reporting: company, department, partnership, etc.

  • Unbiased 3rd party reporting for partnerships/transactions/valuations

The foundation for data-driven insights, reporting is a critical component to ensure you have a consistent pulse on the performance of your enterprise.

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Stop wondering – and get answers that will help you achieve your business goals. We conduct primary and secondary research to get the answers for your most pressing business questions.

  • Primary research, consumer panels and online surveys

  • Demographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation

  • Targeting strategy and tactics for existing segments

  • Competitor research, tracking, comparison and strategy

  • Market, industry, and consumer trend-spotting

  • Social media sentiment, and natural language processing

  • Brand and product innovation and expansion strategy

  • Market-share, category-share, and share-of-wallet analysis

  • Brand and product equity analysis and scorecards

  • Info-graphics and custom visualizations

Whether you are launching a new product or simply need industry trends for competitive research, we have the resources and capabilities to help obtain valuable business information.

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