Where Data Analytics and Human Resources Overlap

Data holds the power to transform any business. Data or analytics departments are not confined within their own echo chambers, but glean substantial information to help an entire business make more informed decisions. In ‘Business Analytics Solutions and Services’ we discussed how this is offers significant metrics for better decisions, operations, and management. It can even manifest in other [...]

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Data: Fueling Transformation

The importance of data in the competitive landscape can't be understated. Companies of all sizes, educational institutions, and even sports franchises, are leveraging data in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. The challenge for many, however, is that once data is collected, many fall short of obtaining actionable insights from the data. This may be attributed to an [...]

Confidence in Every Decision.

At Insights Analytics, we're not just "selling analytics" -we're here to provide our clients with very much needed support in a highly complex and technical field where our expertise is leveraged to help their organizations attain dramatically better performance. So why is one of our taglines "Confidence in Every Decision"? -because that's what everyone really wants. The true aspiration [...]

Analytics Outsourcing Market: $21B by 2026

The analytics support, services, and outsourcing market is now expected to reach an absolutely staggering US$20.68 BILLION dollars by the end of 2026 (according to according to Transparency Market Research.) To grow to this figure, the market is now projected to grow at staggering Compound-Annual-Growth-Rate of +29.4% EACH YEAR, EVERY YEAR between 2018 and 2026. These are exponential growth figures for [...]

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